September 24th.

I drove to Bray Harbour around 1.30pm from Dublin city center. Not in a million years did I think that I would see that day a pair of black swans swimming down the river Dargle (I have since learnt that there are very rare black swan visits to Ireland, but I had no idea.)

I would have missed them, only for 2 local men spotting me with a camera and saying they had seen them earlier. I spoke with several men having afternoon drinks on the banks of the Dargle and we admired these fantastic birds as they mingled with the paler, and now not quite so exotic, feral mute swans. The photos were taken between the traffic bridge and the railway bridge (Dargle) and on the beach at Bray Harbour.

A cat. He has seen it all before.

Mute swans arrive on mass to check out the pair.

It was amazing to see a mute swan bullied by another feathered species.

Aerial surveillance

Conas ata tu?

Mondo Bizarro