“A Visual, Poetic essay. These are extraordinary photographs”

Richard Collins – RTE Radio 1 – Mooney Goes Wild.


WingedEncounters-PPC-Cover(2) darker


‘Winged Encounters – The Common Birds of Dublin’ was published in June of 2013 by the Lilliput Press.

This is a book of photography with the Common Birds of Dublin as the subject. These are the birds of the parks, the canals and the rivers of Dublin, the birds flying overhead in every direction; the birds you don’t necessarily notice but are the nearest wild animals to you at all times.  This book documents this process of discovery. Hopefully there will be volume 2 out this year 2016.

Thanks for visiting this site and I would like to direct you to the gallery page with images from ‘Winged Encounters’ here.

Prints and signed copies of the book are available from the shop page here

Many thanks.

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